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Camp K12 is selecting Student Ambassadors from each Junior, Middle, and Senior school in India. We're looking for innovators, hackers, creatives, leaders, and influencers. Sounds like you? Apply below.

What is a Camp K12 Student Ambassador?

Camp K12 and Adobe are teaming up yet again to bring you India's largest online Creative Technology competitions, starting October 15th! This year, Camp K12 will be appointing up to 2 student ambassadors per school campus. The Student Ambassadors will be the eyes, the ears, and the voice of Camp K12 and Adobe and will represent their schools to these companies.

The ambassadors' task will be simple: to get fellow classmates excited about Camp K12 + Adobe comeptitions, and to ensure maximum participation from their school. The ambassadors will keep track of when competitions start and finish, organize informational sessions to tell their friends about the competitions, speak at their school assemblies to announce comeptitions, and answer any questions that their classmates may have. All student ambassador will be awarded by Camp K12 and Adobe for their hard work, but the ambassador that gets the most # of people to participate in the competitions from his / her school gets a special prize :)

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Why you should do it

The Ultimate Leadership Opportunity

You'll be working directly with executives from Camp K12 and Adobe. You'll be organizing events at your school from scratch. People will look up to you, depend on your for information and answers. You will present at your school assemblies and at various school events on the topic of Innovation, you will become an expert at public speaking, at event planning, and at making stuff happen. You will become a leader.

Amazing Perks
AND Benefits

  1. Free courses on Android / iPhone App Development, Game Programming, Multimedia & Design, courtesy of Camp K12
  2. First priority for field trips organized by Camp K12 to Google, Adobe, and other company offices across India
  3. Certificate acknowledging your leadership, service, and overall awesomeness

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As a Camp K12 student ambassador, you will be using social media to spread the word about Camp K12.

STEP 2: Fill out the application form below

List relevant experience -- have you participated in Camp K12 competitions before? Do you hold any positions of leadership on your school campus?